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Sand Island (Competition Site) Sample Underwater Footage


  • Sand Island (Competition Site) Sample Underwater Footage

    Hi All,

    As promised, here is the link to some underwater footage one of our team members took of the competition site.

    If anyone has any other requests for team Hawaii, just let me know!

    • Dunbabin
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      This is much better vis than I was expecting. Thanks for sending this through- Legend!

    • Hitesh Patel
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      brennan Thank you for taking the time to post this.

    • bumblebee
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      Hi guys,

      As promised to Aamir Qaiyumi from 2018, we have since extracted the data from our underwater view of Sand island with our AUV and would like to share with yall from the robot's perspective of the waters. We originally intended to collect data on the ring challenge, but due to Navigator's feat on the ring challenge, that became not a possibility, so unfortunately we only have some datasets and perspectives of the water to share with all.

      The dataset comprises of sonar and camera in an mp4 file so everyone can use it regardless of whether you use ROS or not. Let me know if you would like to have the rosbag, which will have all of the inertial navigation and timestamping of the data. Ontop of the video files, I have attached a screen recording of our User interface cross referenced in real world and reflecting altitude, depth and heading information so you can have a good sense of where you are in the datasets. Based on the collected water column from our DVL, we were operating in about 4-5m water column and at about 3pm. Not sure what the tides was.The vehicle is a six DOF system, so the pitch and roll is stabilised. We are using a Forward Looking sonar from Blueview, M900-90. You can see it pick up some major objects on the seabed(not sure what those were). Typical water visibility was about 2m, if you see how far away it was from our thrusters. The sonar range was set to 20m. In the user interface visualisation you can estimate how far it is based on the overlay numbers.

      Please see the link below and I hope this helps for all preparing for the upcoming RobotX!
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