Mark Schwab, MathWorks
Connell D'souza, MathWorks

Filters are a fundamental component of digital signal processing. As demonstrated by Mark Schwab, MATLAB®and Simulink® provide an app to design filters for digital signal processing called the Filter Designer app. It allows users to interactively design, quantize, and analyze single- and multi-rate filters.

Mark uses the Filter Designer app to build a filter to filter a signal collected by a hydrophone from a RoboNation competition that can be implemented in both MATLAB and Simulink. This tool is very useful for student competition teams because it allows you to quickly realize Simulink models or generate MATLAB code for filters designed from within the app environment without having to author additional code. There are also options available to generate HDL code, C header files, and .COE files for the Xilinx® FPGAs.

Visit the Filter Designer app documentation page to learn more about this app.