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  • Check out some of these helpful resources

    Do you have any encouraging speakers or writers that you follow that represent the Women in Tech community? Share them here!

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    “Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce… (compared to men in the field) there are relatively low shares in engineering (15%) and computer and mathematical sciences (25%).”- National Girls Collaborative Project
    The iSchool helps change the way women are seen in the STEM Field through their gender initiatives, It girls program, and so much more!


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      Career tips straight from Ericsson's top women in science & tech!
      Minorities and women in science and tech... They are few and far between. It's even more rare when one of these people make it to the C-suite. That's why I was thrilled for the chance to speak with 4 women in tech leaders from Ericsson. Watch our fireside chat to hear tips on how they beat the system.