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    Discussions about the Automated Docking task.

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    Thank you Hitesh Patel

    I have another question.
    in the automated docking, what is the pinger frequency if i may ask ?

    Thank you beforehand.


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      Hello Maged Hesham,

      Created a separated topic regarding this task.

      The pinger frequency will unique to each of the courses and could change for the semi-finals and finals. This information will be provided at the competition.

      Below is a link to the pinger we utilize. The documentation will give you the range of frequencies the pinger is capable of.

      Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you
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        Thank you Hitesh Patel

        Another question, also regrading the quad copter
        Is there any other restrictions to the quad copter movement ? such as a height limit or a certain region it's not allowed to cross ?

        Thank you beforehand.


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          Yes and Yes.

          More information will be published in the UAV Guideline document (to be released).

          While you wait for this information I will share that we will have a max ceiling (AGL) and a geo fence for each course, and a separate geo fence for the venue. The ceiling and venue geo fence cannot be violated at any time. If teams violate the course geo fence, they will be asked to take over manual control of their UAV and safely land it on shore.

          Pending permission from the FAA and other safety considerations, this information is subject to change.

          Hope this information is helpful.