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    Originally posted by Gregory Su View Post
    After extensive conversation, we as a team feels that the drone requires so much more work, especially with the risk and difficulty of landing the drone and targeting the objects between two rings instead of in the center of a circle, that the ratio should be something in the realm of 10x as many points, for 1000. We feel that this is a reasonable motivation, because lots of sponsors, both for individual teams and for our competition as a whole, are really excited about the goal of engaging interoperability between multiple autonomous vehicles.

    Of course, this assumes perfect completion of the task, such as successfully landing back on the boat. This part we feel was not appropriately incentivized last year, because it is so hard to land on a small moving target with a comparatively large vehicle, along with the risk of failure of this portion of the task. Other perfect assumptions would be precisely hitting between the rings and not slightly off in the center and delivering all of the objects.

    We actually feel that both of the real values should be larger, and perhaps have a bonus for delivering objects with both the drone and the boat, and doing it quickly and creatively.
    Gregory Su Thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to pass this suggestion on when drafting the points structure with the program sponsor.


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      Originally posted by Hitesh Patel View Post
      Gregory Su For this task, if the UAV dropped the object there would be more points associated with such a behavior (when compared to the USV). The USV would still get points, just not as much. This point structure is still being determined. What kind of point scheme would you assign to this task (UAV vs. Boat)?

      Ryan Draves I suppose you would have to continue participating at RoboBoat (2021 and beyond) to see this evolution.

      Patrick Sherry We are open to suggestions from the students. I was thinking something the size of a ping pong ball (or squash ball). It needs to be something that is lightweight and floats in the water. More so, it should not be too bouncy (imagine you drop in the center and it bounces over the wall to the outside (less points). It should also be cheap enough that teams can have enough on hand in case we are not able to retrieve it between runs. Thoughts?

      Also, I see you three have taken the divide and conquer approach of posting on the forum, bravo.
      I am glad to hear that you opened to suggestions from us about the payload delivery task, and I hope I'm not too late to give some opinions.

      I would like to suggest cubic rather than spherical object as mentioned by Ryan Draves . To deal with bouncy, what about covering the object with a kind of double tape? However, it might be ruined in case it falls into water. Alternatively, I'm thinking of using hook and loop fastener so that the targets are covered with the loops while the objects are covered with the hooks. I believe this will reduce the bouncy while maintaining the buoyancy and lightweight?

      Thank you for your consideration.


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        shrr Your post reminded me of these toys from when I was a kid.

        Maybe something like this will work?


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          shrr Thank you for your suggestions. Please see my response below.

          1. I am open to a cubic shape, if majority of the teams prefer that. Will put a poll up on shape and then figure out the actual object.

          2. Double-sided tape might work the 1st or 2nd time, but with increased use, this might not be a viable solutions. Also, the object should be able to fall in the water and float, otherwise RoboBoat support staff may not be able to retrieve it.

          3. Hook and Loop had crossed my mind but then deterred away from it because of the rain showers in Daytona Beach. Not all Hook and Loop products work well in rain. If you find something that is not sold is small squares and can work well in water, please let me know.


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            avelte Your posted link seems to be missing (or broken). Is this what you are referring to (just a random guess)?


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              Hitesh Patel Yes! That's what I was trying to link to.