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  • JamesHovey

    I'm the mentor for a High School team that will be participating this year for the first time. As we start to obtain materials and plan the spec sheet for the drone is critical. I'm not sure how it works with Universities, but purchasing for a public high school is kind of a mess. Would it be possible for someone to share or link the spec sheet from last year? I'm assuming it wouldn't be radically different?

    Thank you,

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  • bdjogan
    started a topic UAV Involvement

    UAV Involvement

    Good morning!

    As I explore the rule books from the past several years of competition, I see that the implementation and tasking of UAVs has changed significantly year to year.

    Looking ahead at 2020: if I understand the rulebook properly, for 2002 the only task that the UAV may be actively involved in is the object delivery challenge? I see in from previous years other events such as raise the flag and automated docking that involved the UAV and want to confirm that we are only concerned with object delivery for 2020.

    I have read the other forum thread regarding the UAV and hope that more specific guidelines and requirements will be coming soon too! Specifically with regard to scoring in this section-- does the UAV autonomously land on the ASV after completing payload delivery? What will the payload be?

    Finally: for 2019, there was a spec sheet describing the drone limitations and expectations (ex: must have a kill switch, siren, must not fly greater than 50 feet from the ASV, etc.). Will there be an updated sheet produced for the 2020 competition, when can we expect that?

    Thank you very much!