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2018 RoboBoat Rules & Tasks

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  • 2018 RoboBoat Rules & Tasks

    We heard your requests, the Rules and Tasks are available here!
    UPDATED MAY 14, 2018 - V1.1

    Please see attached for the latest version of the Rules and Tasks document for the 2018 RoboBoat Competition.

    Changes from V1.0 to V1.1
    • Section 12.1 Circumnavigation – Modified verbiage to provide clarity on execution of this task.
    • Section 12.2 Maintain Heading – Modified illustration (Figure 7) to show potential configurations of this task.
    • Section 12.3 Slalom Maneuver – Added clarification on navigation, but now, from the vehicles’ perspective.
    • Section 13.2 Automated Docking – Modified verbiage to provide clarity on execution of this task.
    • Section 13.4 Follow the Leader – Modified verbiage to provide clarity on execution of this task.
    • Section 13.5 Return to Dock – Modified verbiage to provide clarity on execution of this task.
    • Section 14.1 – 14.5 – Called attention to these sections. Adhering to instructions in these sections will allow teams to earn points on the course.
    • Section 14.6 – 14.7 – This section will be covered in details at the competition orientation (June 19th, 2018 @ 10:00 am).
    • Section 15 Appendix 1 – Modified verbiage to provide clarity on TIMESLOTS

    We hope this version provides clarity to questions you have posted. Hitesh Patel is working with responsible parties to answer the remainder of your questions. We understand this must be frustrating for you, but rest assured that Hitesh is a student advocate, working in disguise at RoboNation, and will get you the necessary responses soon!

    --See below for previous versions of the rules
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    Check out the 2018 RoboBoat Primer!
    (released on June 22, 2017)
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      We're back and better than ever! Check out the Preliminary Task Ideas, for what's to come this summer at RoboBoat:
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        We are eager to hear your invaluable feedback so please do not hold back. Help us make this a great experience for YOU.

        Happy RoboBoating (sorry, couldn't resist)


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          Hello RoboNation i want to ask about the Preliminary Task Ideas

          What is the meaning of introductory competition course? what is the different between task
          is the ASV must also do the introductory course before the main task like autonomous navigation, speed challange, etc.

          Thank you before


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            rifram Thank you for your inquiry.

            We want RoboBoat to be more than a competition; we envision it to become the hands-on portion of your educational experience. With that philosophy, we are proud to announce the roll out of introductory course. This course is meant to provide teams a fundamental exposure to autonomous systems, and related challenges in the maritime domain.

            An introductory course will contain tasks identified in the above posted document. Link to the above posted document -

            To learn more, register at

            Registered teams will have the opportunity to become part of regular communications (video conference calls) with the RoboBoat organizers.


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              See attached for the previous version of the rules -- V1.0.
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