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Question on Final Rules, Housing, Technical Design Report, etc.

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  • Question on Final Rules, Housing, Technical Design Report, etc.


    I am with UM::Autonomy at the University of Michigan. We were wondering when we could expect final rules to be released. In addition, we have received no information on the content, length, and general expectations for the technical design report. Our school year official ends this Thursday, 4/26 and the continued delay in release of these materials makes it very difficult for us adequately prepare for competition before our members start their internships in early May.

    Finally, we have also not received any information on housing and costs for competition. When can we expect this information and be able to make reservations?

    Thank you for your time and help with this information.

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    @Administrators: RoboBoat uOttawa would also like to request the same information.

    We are a first year team travelling internationally. The continued delays in information and missing of deadlines has caused us to fall far behind schedule. Please inform us as to when we can expect the information that was promised so that we may continue working as soon as possible.


    RoboBoat uOttawa team


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      We have got a question about the final rules. In appendix 4 of version 1.0 of the 2018 rules the response still includes the codes for last years challenge, will this be updated for the changes to the follow the leader challenge?

      Also, more information about the housing and the drone certifications would be nice.

      Kind regards,

      Team Trident Delft


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        Another question on final rules: There is no mention of warning/stacklights. Will these lights no longer be required for competition?


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          Hi all! aeu485, uOttawaRoboBoat, Trident Delft

          Thank you for your questions regarding RoboBoat! I want to make sure you all know we are currently working on getting you the necessary answers. Please see below:

          TECHNICAL DESIGN REPORT: We are in the process of finalizing this document for you. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in giving you access to these requirements, we understand you need it as soon as possible to take advantage of your teammates before the craziness of summer.

          HOUSING: Housing link will be coming soon! We have arranged for RoboBoat teams to stay in the dorms at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The dorm rooms will cost $31 per person per night. Dorm rooms include linens only. Meals are not included. Teams will have the use of the on-campus swimming pool for vehicle testing from 9:00 pm – 2:00 am.

          FINAL RULES: felixpageau and Hitesh Patel are mulling over these answers and will get back to you very soon!

          Again, thank you all for your patience with these answers.


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            Hello RoboNation

            We have got a question from the Final Rules of the RoboBoat 2018. In Appendix 5 for the docking challenge, it is specified that the request payload be of the type multipart/mixed, however, in the sample communication given following the same, the data type is chosen as multipart/form-data. I would like to ask as to what the content type should be in order to create a successful communication channel with the competition server.

            RoboBoat SRM ASV Team