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Rules & Submission Requirements

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  • Rules & Submission Requirements

    Submission Requirements:
    This year, RoboBoat teams will be asked to submit three submissions. This includes: Skills Video(s), Technical Design Report, and Team Website. These submissions are designed to showcase the maturity of your system and your team's approach, decisions and challenges, all while also evaluating your ability to communicate effectively.

    Optional Submission:
    RoboBoat teams are given the option to submit an optional demonstration video, showcasing their vehicle behaviors in a physical environment or a simulated environment. There is no scoring on this submission. The videos will be shared on the RoboNation Youtube Channel. More information in the guidelines available on the website.

    The Rules and Task Description document has been created to present you with how the event and course would have run if this year was in-person. All venue, task and vehicle guidelines and descriptions included in this document is meant to guide competition submissions.

    Find all the resources:

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    Rules and Task Description_V2
    - Section 14.4 on Visual Feedback has been modified to change the terminology to take out specific reference to a “lighting” system.

    Website Guidelines_V2 - Updated to align with the scoring rubric.

    Find all the resources: