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    Hi all, trying to consolidate all the important announcements and links at the top of the forum here. For clarity, this topic will stay closed. If you have questions on anything, please start a new topic or ask in a topic that has already been created.
    Team Handbook: Download here.
    [May 19] Version 3.0 is released!
    [April 28] Version 2.0 is released!
    [January 24] Version 1.0 is released!

    TeamTime Meetings
    [May 19] Coming Soon. (Registration link available in Band.)
    [April 28] Watch the Recording | Slide Presentation
    [March 26] Watch the Recording | Slide Presentation
    [January 28] Watch the Recording | Slide Presentation
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    [May 9 Announcement]
    We've been notified of a discrepancy in the TDR guidelines in the Team Handbook. To clarify, the TDR page limit is 5 pages, not 10.


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      [May 19 Announcement]
      V3.0 of the Team Handbook has been released! Available here:


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        REMINDER: RoboBoat TeamTime on Thursday, June 9th at 7 PM Eastern (US & Canada)

        Not to scare you, but hopefully to inject a bit of excitement and anticipation: RoboBoat 2022 is only 12 days from today! The countdown has shifted from months and weeks to days!

        The RoboNation RoboBoat Team is getting ready to welcome both in-person teams to Sarasota and online teams on Zoom. Judges have started their evaluations of the pre-competitions submissions and will be ready for your design presentations.

        We hope you'll join us for the final TeamTime on Thursday, June 9th at 7 PM Eastern. Use this link to register.

        The May 19th TeamTime video is now available for your viewing pleasure. Here's the link:
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          AHOY, MATEYS!

          FINAL REMINDER CALL for today’s TeamTime at 7 PM Eastern (US & Canada)!

          Register NOW! Click on this link to register for the very last RoboBoat 2022 TeamTime!


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            Last TeamTime Video & Slides from June 9th Now Available

            Links to the YouTube video and slides are on the RoboBoat 2022 website in the Resources section: Click here for the links.

            It's a little bittersweet, but we're shifting emotional gears to high excitement and anticipation as we begin our single digit countdown to June 20th! We can't wait to see y'all in person and on Zoom! Don't forget to join the RoboBoat Band app for daily updates during the competition.


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              FOR IN-PERSON TEAMS
              RE. COVID-19 TESTING & TEAM CHECK-IN

              Here are some great questions we thought worthwhile to share with all in-person teams:

              Question 1: Is the PCR test 1 day prior to the event mandatory or just a recommendation?
              Answer 1: The PCR test is not required prior to the event. However, all in-person participants, staff and volunteers are required to complete a daily health screening form. See our post from earlier today for details. An email was also sent today to all in-person team members. Please contact us at [email protected] if you didn't receive the email and are signed up to attend in-person.

              Question 2: On Sunday, June 19th, there's a scheduled Team Check-In between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Do all in-person teams have to check in or just teams that will be staying at the Hyatt Place Hotel?
              Answer 2: The Team Check-In on Sunday June 19th, is meant for all In-Person Teams. Teams will receive their packets with name badges and T-shirts. If, however, you are unable to make that time, there will be an opportunity to check in on Monday, June 20th. Don't forget to attend the Team Orientation at 8:00 AM and then bring your vehicles for safety inspection between 9 AM and noon.