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    Hello. We have a team that didn’t compete this year but have been working on ROV items for next year. As we look at the compliance checklist and the class and divisions document we noticed it says they may use a second 12v power source for auxiliaries. Is there any thought to allow more than one 12v power source for the auxiliaries. The team already uses 4x 1.5v batteries for a servo. They are planning a arduino controller but that runs off a 9v battery stepped down to 5v. Additionally they want to use a camera but the camera requires 12v and the monitor also does. That’s a lot of power supplies. I am sure some power supplies could provide for multiple items. We would rather let the kids shoot for the moon and let them try all the innovations if possible. Is there really a limit on how many power sources for the auxiliaries?

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    Shanklincj A single 12V battery should power all of those devices and more. Think about a car or a boat that uses a single 12V battery to power the engine, GPS, radio, lights, etc. It's all about power requirements (current draw) and power distribution.
    The rule is in place so teams do not have a mess of batteries on the pool deck. Devices such as a controller that have internal batteries do not count as a separate power source.


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      Thanks. Great to hear that internal batteries don’t count as separate power sources. They are working on it and found a monitor with a internal battery already. Are 12v power banks allowed for the auxiliaries?


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        Yes 12vDC power banks are allowed for auxiliary devices.