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    Open class- Understand the kids can only use SeaPerch motors for propulsion. Some ROVs use a “lateral motor or motors” that steer the ROV but provide no forward, reverse diving or surfacing momentum. Can they use a different motor for the lateral motor, especially if the motor is smaller and less powerful than the SeaPerch motor.

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    The is from the Competition Class and Design Rules.
    Must use ONLY stock SeaPerch motors (Jameco Electronics 232022) for propulsion**
    **Thrusters used for propulsion are thrusters that directly exert force against the water causing the ROV to move in any direction.
    If the motor is used to move a rudder or swivel the thrusters then a non-SeaPerch equivalent motor can be used. If the lateral motor has a propeller or others means of propelling the ROV in any direction then the SeaPerch equivalent motors are the only motors allows. The question is, can the lateral motor move the ROV while all thrusters are off?


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      Thanks. Won’t really know that answer until we get it in the water. The thought is if places right it will just circle in place.