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    International Challenge Teams: Pool Courses is an optional event. Teams can choose one optional event.

    Objective: Demonstrate the performance of your novel ROV design.

    Submission Format: Video of pool course run

    Overview: If you have access to a pool or tank, you can still compete in the pool courses this year. Navigate your SeaPerch ROV through a series of tasks and score points for time and successful task completion.


    – Complete your run using a full mission course

    – Complete your run using a mini course

    Note: The Obstacle Course will not be included for scoring in the 2021 International Challenge. Updated rules and scoring documents will promote consistency between event options. Course rules, scoring documents, and submission information for this event will be provided in early 2021.

    Mission Course Overview

    Mission: Waterway Cleanup challenges teams to assist with cleanup efforts in a particularly polluted waterway. Teams must disarm and secure underwater mines, remove trash floating on the water’s surface, and dispose of submerged waste in an underwater vault.

    Check the build guide resources available below for information on building a full or mini course.


    Pool Courses Overview & Rules*

    Pool Courses Competition Classes & Design Rules*

    ROV Compliance Checklist* (updated 01/25/2021)

    Scoring Rubric

    *International Challenge classes will include Middle School Stock, High School Stock & Open Class. Other events will be limited to Middle School & High School.

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    Tasks 1 & 2

    Tasks 3 & 4