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Pool Course ROV vs Tech Report

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  • Pool Course ROV vs Tech Report

    As luck would have it, our ROV experienced some technical difficulties during our recording. Without enough time to repair it properly, they opted to go back to the drawing board and modify their ROV to mitigate the problem. I applaud their efforts, which seem to be working. This would mean that the ROV you will see in their pool video will be slightly different from the one depicted/analyzed in their Technical Report. Will this be a problem? They certainly don't have time to redo their Technical Report, so not sure if they need to drop the optional pool event. Can you please clarify. Thanks!

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    jehughes This is no problem. There is no requirement to lock in the design at any point. The TDR is evaluated separately from the pool course run. The TDR will be evaluated on its own merits against the TDR rubric as will the pool course run. The two will not be compared (and will most likely be judged by different judges!).

    For additional clarity, this would be the same for the in-person challenge. The ROV brought to the pool does not have to be the one represented in the TDR or notebook.


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      Thank you. That is a huge relief.