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  • Tech Report Due Date and Time

    I must clarify this as I may have misinterpreted the time and date the Technical Report is due. I see it says midnight on May 3rd. I initially thought that would mean before midnight on Monday May 3rd. However it has been brought to my attention that this likely means their submission is due before midnight on Sunday May 2nd, as midnight is technically the next day (Monday morning). PLEASE CONFIRM ASAP. Thanks again!

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    jehughes Great question! Our apologies for the confusion -- the deadline is Monday, May 03 at 11:59 pm (your local time). Just to clarify, the form will not shut down if you are 5 or 10 minutes behind that deadline.


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      Hi, I saw an update on the registration website that the deadline has been pushed to May 6th. Do we have until then to submit all the application material as well? Can you please let us know, I am confused as we didn't receive any email updating us on the deadline change.


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        Hi samy belbegra, our apologies for the confusion! The deadline still remains the same, May 03 (today). This is why you didn't receive any updates and the website still states May 03!

        If you have a special case around the deadline, please contact us at [email protected].