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  • Building a Pool

    While in the past we have used a standard "Walmart" pool in our classroom, they don't seem to hold water well. I would be very interested in anyone's experience with using just a tarp tied to a frame. Has anyone ever made one? Did you use a tarp just bought from Lowes? What sized PVC pipe frame did you use or did you have a metal frame. I have seen similar pools used at a local fire department. They are called decontamination pools but they are running about 400 bucks. Would like to do it on the cheap, but not so cheap as a 33 gal trash can.

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    Following, would like to have pool access at school, any suggestions are welcome from building to buying something reasonable priced.


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      Triton Knights Robotics Sorry no one has had suggestions. We use a metal folding frame tank (the decontamination tank you mention above) but it is in the $1,000 range.
      Agriculture feed troughs work well and I have seen some in schools I worked with in the past. Check for various sizes/prices.