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  • SeaPerch Classic Div. Rules

    In reading the class rules our teams think that it is clear that they CAN use 3d printed material for an accessory like a hook, I'd like to confirm this with the officials.

    They are also asking if they can use 3d printed material to help mount their motors as an alternative to zip-ties without being kicked out of the "Classic" class?

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    Mr. Nance 3D printed parts such as motor mounts and servo mounts are allowed per the rules.
    3D printed parts will be allowed in stock classes if they do not add structure to the ROV frame. 3D printed parts used in stock classes cannot be used to connect frame members.


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      So an inline Motor mount that interfaces with PVC would not be allowed but one that attached to the PVC would be ok?


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        Mr. Nance If by inline you mean that it connects frame parts and becomes part of the frame, then you are correct, that is not allowed. A 3D printed motor mount that connect to a frame part is allowed.