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    After watching some of the Wilmington Videos on the Robonation YouTube channel, I had a question concerning the Mission Course. In the Course Build Document, it shows the Mission and Obstacle Course combined with my assumption being that one could build just one course that could serve both events. On the Wilmington Videos, I noticed the Mission course without the rest of the hoops for the Obstacle course. What is preferred or does it matter whether the courses are left combined or separated for each challenge. What will the setup be for the International Challenge? Thanks for your help.

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    Your assumption is correct, the combined course can serve both events. The course was designed as a combined course to minimize build cost, logistics, and in-pool setup time. This is ideal for smaller regionals that only have access to a few swim lanes.
    If a combined course is used the ROV is only required to navigate through the first obstacle course hoop during the Rescue & Recovery Challenge. If separate courses are used it is up to the regional host whether or not the Rescue & Recovery Challenge uses a hoop at after the beacon.
    The obstacle course and Rescue & Recovery course can be built as separate standalone courses as in past SeaPerch Challenges. This is typical for regionals with access to several swim lanes. Please see attached drawing.
    The 2019 SeaPerch Challenge will use separate courses and details will be released after registration closes. The same tasks will be used, but the orientation may be different.

    Click image for larger version

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