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Use of non-Stock motors

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  • Use of non-Stock motors

    We are having an issue with the stock motor no having enough lift to move objects. I know the rules stare only stock motors can be use for propulsion. Can a non-stock motor be used as the up/down motor on the ROV?

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    Only stock motors are allowed for propulsion in any direction.
    Is the ROV negatively buoyant? The ideal for maneuverability is neutrally buoyant. Positively buoyant is ideal for for lifting capability.
    Experiment with vertical motor direction. Does the propellor pointing downward provide more lift? I could tell you the answer, but the students will learn more from experimenting.
    How far is the lift point from the center of gravity?
    A standard SeaPerch can easily lift all of the objects used in the challenge.


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      Originally posted by SeaPerch-Trainer View Post
      Only stock motors are allowed for propulsion in any direction.
      Does this mean that we could use a servo, not for propulsion, but for direction and maneuverability, maybe even arm movement?


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        GSA AquaNerds Yes servos are allowed for non-propulsion motors.