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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but, do both the stock class and open class compete at the New Zealand regional competitions? I was wondering this because in the New Zealand website it has the 2018 rules and they say that they aren't running an open class competition. I cannot seem to find the 2019 rules on the New Zealand website?? Any help would be appreciated as we already bought parts for the open class and would really like to compete...

    Is this the right site for the New Zealand Competition?

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    KickOnBro That is the correct site for the New Zealand regional that registered as a qualified regional in 2019. We do not have additional information regarding their regional so it is best to try to contact them through the links on that page.


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      Awesome, thanks.
      Also, I am a bit confused about how the competition is run. Is there a final competition, like, if you win your regional competition is there a global final?
      If there is, do the regional competitions have the same Mission Corse Challenge as the Finals? (The mission course described on the SeaPerch Website)
      Sorry for all the questions...


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        KickOnBro Regional competitions can register with RoboNation as a qualifying competition and advance their top teams to our annual SeaPerch Challenge. The annual SeaPerch Challenge is considered the International SeaPerch Challenge.
        Not all regionals use our challenges, and some use challenges from previous years.


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          Ok awesome thank you so much! Very helpful