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Stock Class Limitations

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  • Stock Class Limitations

    Hello, my team was wondering what are the exact limitations that we can modify our ROV until it becomes an Open Cladd vehicle. Are we able to scale the size down keeping the same stock frame shape? Can we modify the shape? Can we use CPVC instead of PVC? Can we use other types of motors such as bilge pump motors? Are thruster shrouds allowed? Thanks .

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    Epontes01 Please download the Team Entry Rules PDF from the page. The design rules are in that document.

    For any class, you may change the size and shape, and use different materials. As stated in the rules the standard SeaPerch motors (Jameco Electronics P/N 232022) are the only motors allowed for stock and open class.
    For stock class you are limited to no more than three (3) motors for propulsion.
    Thruster shrouds are allowed.
    Stock class has a $25 budget. Please read this part in the rules carefully. The budget is based on the valuation of the modifications beyond using what is included in the SeaPerch kit. I.e. If someone "gives" the team a robotic arm that has a value of $100 that is over the budget even though the team did not pay for it. These rules are to make it fair for all schools regardless of their resources.
    Stock class is also limited to using simple controllers such as the SeaPerch controller or other controllers that use simple switches, buttons, and resistors. Stock class may not use any type of speed control other than a resistor to limit voltage. A team using a microcontroller such as an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any thing that provides speed control through Pulse Width Modulation or other means must compete in Open class.
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