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    If we exchange the 1/2" PVC with colored versions, do we include the price in our build cost?

    I have the same question about the battery cable. If we exchange it for a different colored version, do we include in the build cost?

    Should taxes included in the build cost?
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    You must include anything in the build cost that is not included in a standard SeaPerch ROV kit.
    You should calculate the cost of the amount of material that you actually use, i.e. you buy 100' of cable and use 50' then you provide the cost for the materials used.
    It will be best to include tax, however a decision is pending on this.
    Please check with your regional challenge point of contact sine they may modify our rules.


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      The parts list shows a Monoprice product #2329 for the tether cable.

      I would like to get another tether cable. If I select a different color, does the price have to be included? I can only select black?

      Black = Product # 2329
      White = Product # 2333
      Orange = Product # 3418
      Blue = Product # 2119

      Also, the list says 50 ft, but the numbers above are for 100 ft cables.

      The 50 ft cables are:

      Black = Product # 2323
      White = Product # 2217
      Orange = Product # 3417
      Blue = Product # 2118
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        If you make a direct replacement, but only the color is different then that does not count against your budget. The cables supplied in the SeaPerch kits are various colors.
        The listed cable are 100 ft. long so you can cut it in half and have two 50 cables at a lower expense than purchasing two 50 ft. cables. I will update the parts list.