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Replacement Battery

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  • Replacement Battery

    Our team needs a new battery- ASAP.
    The 2019 Team Entry Rules.pdf state "A power source other than the included kit battery or venue supplied power is not permitted." Does this mean we can't use a different maker (ie Duracell) with the same specs?. We don' buy the SeaPerch kit any longer as our kids like to start from scratch. And it would be an expensive way to just get a battery. Anyway, we didn't see just a battery for purchase on SeaPerch web site, unless we missed it. Do you know the specifications (including manufacturer and model number) of this year's "kit battery" and where we can purchase one?

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    jehughes You do not have to use the battery that comes in the SeaPerch kit. The battery used may not be any larger in physical size than the kit battery. The kit battery is a 12 VDC 7 Ah battery with F1 terminals. The size is 6" x 2.5" x 3.7".
    The batteries are available at battery Mart