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Alternative Notebook Presentation

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  • Alternative Notebook Presentation


    We are completely confused with the instructions for the alternative notebook "presentation".

    Can it be a google slide show that auto runs? Or is it supposed to be a video 'presentation' with the team talking?

    Any insight or direction would be most helpful...thank you!

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    For reference, from
    "Teams competing in the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge will submit one of the following: (1) an engineering notebook or (2) an engineering process presentation. Teams can self-select which mode they would like to develop and submit."
    "Teams will be invited to submit their notebooks or videos online during the registration process prior to the SeaPerch Challenge."
    ================================================== ================
    Please check with the regional coordinator of the regional challenge that your team is competing in to verify that they allow the "engineering process presentation".

    The following are initial details for the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge (formerly know as the National or International SeaPerch Challenge) Engineering Process Presentation.

    The Engineering Process Presentation:
    • Must be in video format (.MOV, .AVI, or .MP4).
    • Must include an audio/video presentation of the SeaPerch team discussing the engineering process used for their SeaPerch project.
    • May include presentation slides or other presentations of charts, graphs, sketches, CAD drawings, and other graphics. These graphics or slides must be embedded in the video.
    • The production of the video as well as the video content is intended to demonstrate the students' creativity.


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      Thanks so much...very helpful!

      Just would like to verify the max length of the video? Did not see any reference to length on the link above. I thought I saw 2 minutes somewhere. Would also like to understand why (if 2 min max) when it seems that reviewing a notebook would take quite a bit longer? I apologize for asking so many questions as we are just trying to get our heads wrapped around this new "twist".


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        No problem asking questions, that's what the forum is for.

        The 2 minute video length is described on the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge web page The idea behind the video option this year is to offer teams a different technique for communicating their engineering process. The short duration of the video is intended to challenge teams to synthesize their process into an “elevator pitch” that provides the high level overview of the team’s experience and process that led to their final design. We’re hoping to see teams’ creativity in showcasing their work and process in their videos.

        Due to the value of maintaining an engineering notebook, we still recommend that teams keep an engineering notebook during their build and use this notebook to frame their video. While a video may seem easier for some, we expect that most teams will exert the same level of effort on their video as they would on a final engineering notebook that they would submit for review.


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          Can teams submit a video AND a notebook? Or can the video be imbedded as an animation into the notebook PDF?


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            "Teams competing in the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge will submit one of the following: (1) an engineering notebook or (2) an engineering process presentation. Teams can self-select which mode they would like to develop and submit. However, it is strongly suggested that all teams maintain an engineering notebook for their own purposes during the engineering design process."
            Teams will submit either a notebook or a video, not both.
            Please see the Engineering Guide; videos are not permitted to be imbibed in the notebook.


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              I'm new at this whole underwater robot. I have an engineering notebook question. I see in the table of contents it says: Project Title - So what are the projects our team is supposed to be working on? Also, the Engineering Notebook page won't load.


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                The Engineering Notebook page is
                This is from the 2019 Engineering Notebook Guide, page 8, "
                4. Content (research, design, and testing documentation)
                a. Provide details of each step taken in the engineering design process.
                i. Use the SeaPerch Mission Challenge pool events as the project problem or one of the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge Citizen Science Challenges.

                The project could also focus on special research and design such as the team designing, building, and testing a Kort nozzle, or a more efficient propeller.
                Does this make sense?


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                  A question regarding supplemental information required for video submissions. How should teams submit team info, mentor info, references, etc (those first four parts of the EDP rubric) for video submissions? Is it intended that that info be embedded in the video or submitted under separate cover. Thanks.


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                    ThorHimley For video submissions, all required information should be included in the video. Please include all required information within the video as judges will be unable to review any additional documentation outside of the submitted video.


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                      How will the scoring of videos and notebooks be done relative to each other. These two formats are so very different... it seems like comparing a fruit salad to candy. It seems very subjective, and potentially unfair. Also, two minutes of presentation time is not comparable to 20 pages of notebook... you'd need more like ten to twenty minutes to make them comparable.