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  • Beacon Guide

    When will the beacon guide be coming out? Will this require special tools to assemble?

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    Planned release date is Nov 9 - 12. The fabrication and assembly of the Beacon will require only common tools: pipe cutter, soldering iron, file, drill, hot glue gun, etc.


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      Are we on schedule to post build plans for the Beacon assembly by COB today? It’s one of my discussion points for our next club meeting for this Tuesday. Appreciate the work so far for the course design schematic.
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        The Beacon information is now being released with a general update and will be released soon. I am private messaging you so please check.


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          OK, so it is the 14th now and it says the beacon build will be released by the 12th. I have our regional on 12/15 and we need to practice. Please provide the build as was stated.


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            Lord D

            We appreciate your attention to time on this! As our non-techies took on the course build last week, the beacon task's details needed a few more days of development before we released them out to you.

            We can confidently say we will be releasing this information on Friday, including our lessons learned video follow-up!


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              Lord D - did you see the private message I sent last week?
              We are here to help. If anyone has a regional in December and you need more information, please let me know.


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                Our regional isn't until February, but I am arranging several pool practices for anyone in our regional starting in December. I am planning to have the challenges built for those practices. It would be great to know any info before I build them... which begins this weekend...
                I am the regional coordinator, if there is further info you can share at this time (or soon) it would be helpful. Thanks!


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                  DennisR Please message me to discuss what you need.