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final details for build

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  • final details for build

    when will the final details be added to the build documents? how much flotation to add or how much weight to add to the various shapes?

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    Working on it now. The suggested max weight for any object being lifted is 65 grams. Flotation for the gate is just whatever is required to lift the gate. please keep in mind that the build release was for regional challenges. The 2019 SeaPerch Challenge may be slightly different and the object weights may be higher. Also, regional coordinators may not follow the recommended course exactly as released.


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      Will the gate float open when the latch is turned, or will the gate have to be lifted open after the latch is turned? IOW, is there sufficient flotation on the gate to allow it to float open on its own after the latch is opened or will the ROV need to lift the gate open?


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        The gate will have floatation on it and will open when the latch is released.


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          The suggested max weight for any object being lifted is 65 grams. Is this a dry weight or what it will weight in the water? I will be starting to build game pieces for practice, local competition in Feb. and possibly regional competition in March.


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            quastga I am sorry that this post was missed. See the Canister Build Guide for weight info: