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  • Full points for beacon

    I saw that you get 6 points for keeping the beacon lit the whole time rather than 2 for turning it on momentarily. How can teams do this? Does the magnet stick to the beacon, or do we have to attach something to the beacon to hold a magnet there?

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    To build on this question - Is a magnet part of the BOM? Are there specs for the magnet? I'm not clear on what the task is for this part of the challenge.


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      From the way I interpreted the requirement is the ROV must deliver a device, designed by the team, that will activate the Beacon. This means that the team designs a method for activating the Beacon momentarily or constantly. Momentarily would mean just carrying a magnet close enough to activate the Beacon. To activate it constantly, the ROV must leave a magnetic device close enough that the Beacon stay lit during the ROV’s time on the course. I am not sure if it is required by the ROV to turn off the Beacon once the team has completed the course. Again, I t is up to the team on what design the magnetic device will take.



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        Sorry to take so long to reply. Wade is correct.

        The ROV must maneuver to the Beacon and either momentarily activate the LEDs (momentary mode) by passing a magnet close to the magnetic sensor (switch) or leave a magnet on the Beacon in a position to turn on the LEDs such that they remain on until the magnet is removed (continuous mode).
        For points to be awarded for momentary mode, the judge must acknowledge the Beacon LEDs were turned on for any period of time.
        For points to be awarded for continuous mode, the Beacon LEDs must remain on for the duration of the team’s run. If the magnet does not stay in position to keep the Beacon in continuous mode then only points for momentary mode will be awarded. If the Beacon LEDs switch off and it is found that the magnet stayed in position, but that the Beacon failed, then points will be awarded for continuous mode. Teams do not have to retrieve the magnet at the end of the run. The Beacon LEDs must be activated either in momentary or continuous mode before the ROV passes through the first hoop.
        The magnets and magnet holders are not provided by the event coordinators.


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          Thank you! This helps a lot!


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            So, SeaPerch Trainer, I have 2 questions...
            1. Is the sensor oriented front side out on the build? It matters which pole of the magnet you bring to it. If it is on backwards, your magnet might never turn it on.

            2. Is anyone aware that the specified build that requires a 3/4 compression coupling which contains the 9 volt battery for the circuit....will not fit a ( volt battery inside it?


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              PS...I did buy the compression coupling from the vendor specified in the purchase list.


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                Lord D
                1. The sensor is oriented with the "branded side" out. Yes it matters which pole is used. With branded side out the South pole should face the sensor. Please see

                2. Yes we are aware of this and it was addressed in the update available on the website ( and in the Lessons Learned video ( we released. A 9 volt battery fits in all 12 of the 3/4" compression fitting that I bought from the recommended source and the fittings from other manufacturers that I bought locally. We did find out later that others have had the same problem that you experienced so we recommend a 1" compression fitting.

                The 1" compression fittings should be available in the big box home improvement stores and I have seen them in small local (local to me) hardware stores.

                I apologize for the trouble that this has caused people that have already bought the fittings.


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                  Still very frustrated with the build this year. I have purchased parts that are then deemed incorrect and new ones are specified. Every time this happens it means more $$ spent, and more time lapsed before we can get a usable course to practice with. I run an unfunded program, so there has been a lot of waste this year that I have not had in the past.
                  Evidently I got the one 3/4 compression fitting that a 9 volt battery will not fit in....


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                    Lord D i apologize for the frustration that this has caused. I will private message you with my phone number and email address. Please check your private message. I messaged you around Nov 14 but did not get a reply.