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The Obstacle Course part of the R&R challenge?

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  • The Obstacle Course part of the R&R challenge?

    Is navigating the obstacle course a part of the R&R challenge? (for example, do we have to carry the canisters or the ROV parts through the obstacles?)

    Or is the obstacle course part of the build only for the obstacle course challenge? (not sure sure I'm asking this correctly...)

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    The obstacle course will be run as in the past.
    For the Mission Challenge (R&R) the ROV only has to go through the first hoop.


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      When you say the ROV must go through the first hoop, does this mean it has to stay through it? In other words, does the cable have to stay through the hoop while completing the entire challenge?


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        Yes. The ROV must pass through the first hoop before proceeding to any of the remaining tasks. The ROV tether must remain in the first hoop at all times while the ROV is competing. No points will be awarded if the ROV exits the mission field and reenters without passing through the hoop.


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          When will the rules for the course be released? The rubric, text description of the course and your comments do not provide enough detail information for me to instruct our teams on how to complete the course. In some places they conflict. We have our qualifier in two weeks and it is getting late in our build to adapt to any new surprises. Will we need a specific magnet? My teams are getting frustrated, as am I.


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            If the ROV only has to go through the first hoop of the five hoops in the R&R course, why are the other four hoops there? It seems like a waste of materials. I run my Robotics Club on grant money only and I have to watch every penny. Are the five hoops on the R&R course going to be used for the Obstacle course challenge? Thanks!


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              cmpratt84 The course shown is a recommended course for regionals that combines the obstacle course and the R&R Mission course. Regional coordinators are free to setup their course as separate courses in separate lanes. The course was designed to help regionals with only a few lanes so they do not have to exchange courses during competition. Some regionals have a team run the obstacle course and then change lanes and run the challenge course; the combined course allows them to run the obstacle course and the R&R Mission in the same lane without reset.
              I am publishing details next week for separated courses, options, and some information from regionals that have already used the course.


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                cmpratt84 Also, if you are building a course for practice I would recommend not using the gussets (angled braces on the task stands). The gussets are designed to add rigidity to the stands for deeper pools.


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                  Thanks for the quick reply and information!