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    Do we have to adjust our competition ROV for the Citizen Science project or may we build a separate ROV?

    If we have to use the same ROV, do any additional components/materials used as a part of our Citizen Science projects count towards our Stock Class $20 budget and can those items be removed from our ROV during competition?

    If we can build a separate ROV for the project, is there a budget?

    Thank you!

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    There are no restrictions on design or cost for the citizen science challenges.
    Any additions to the ROV specifically for the citizen science challenges may be removed for the competition. Any additions to the ROV that are used in the Rescue and Recovery Mission must remain on the ROV for the obstacle course.
    Teams are also welcome to utilize a separate ROV for the citizen science challenges.


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      Thanks for answering. Also, if we work on a citizen science project, should we include anything about it in our engineering notebook?


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        Students may include or even focus on the citizen science project in their engineering notebook.
        Excerpt from the 2019 Engineering Notebook Guide (see
        4. Content (research, design, and testing documentation)
        a. Provide details of each step taken in the engineering design process.
        i. Use the SeaPerch Mission Challenge pool events as the project
        problem or one of the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge Citizen Science