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  • SeaPerch-Trainer
    Using a different wire is legal, but it is based on the cost (value) of the added wire. You not subtract the cost of the standard ethernet cable.
    Just in case you are thinking about a different controller, this is rule or Stock class, "ROV thruster controls shall use simple switches only, no power conditioning or pulsewidth modulation (PWM) controls are allowed in Stock Class. Use of a fixed or variable resistor to reduce voltage is acceptable.

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  • frisian9
    started a topic Cable questions

    Cable questions

    The ethernet cable that is provided with the kit contains 8 wires. We would like to use more wires. To do so, we are considering 3 telephone wire bundles (3 x 4 = 12 wires) that are bundled. Is that legal for stock class? Can we apply the cost of the ethernet wire as a credit toward the cost of our telephone cable?