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Electronic devices added to the SeaPerch

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  • Electronic devices added to the SeaPerch

    Are we allowed to add electronic devices to the SeaPerch? Do we supply power from the standard battery or should/could we use a second power source? We are considering an electromagnet device which utilizes additional wires available in the cable.

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    Yes you may add electronic devices to the SeaPerch. Keep the budget in mind for stock class. You may provide power from a second battery. For the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge the second battery can be no larger than the stock battery. Teams may not bring anything to the pool deck that requires 110 volt power such as a power adapter. Please check worth your regional challenge coordinator to find out about their specific limitations to secondary power.


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      is the additional battery need to be accounted for in the Budget? if so, can we utilize the battery in the kit for the magnet and use the supplied power on the pool deck for the perch?


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        Robot-Fred For the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge you could use the supplied power for the SeaPerch ROV and use the battery that came with the SeaPerch as a mean to power other devices. The kit battery will not count toward the budget, however most regional competitions do not provide power so you would need an additional power source and that would count toward the budget in the regional competition. Please check with your regional competition point of contact.