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Obstacle Course Scoring Rubric

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  • Obstacle Course Scoring Rubric

    There is a very complete scoring rubric for the Rescue & Recovery Mission to include points for time taken, but I've not found anything for relating time taken on the obstacle course portion towards points. How is the obstacle course scoring weighted with the R&R Mission? Or are results from these events placed separately altogether?

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    blakejohnk Sorry for the delay. The obstacle course, R&R Mission, and notebook scores are calculated separately and then a ranking is given to each team. For the obstacle course the rank is based on fastest time. The rankings are used to calculate the overall class winner.


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      I am confused. The scores from the different parts (Mission, Notebook) are NOT added together? Rather, you are saying that all teams are ranked (1-50 or however many teams enter) in each of the three categories (Mission, obstacle, notebook). And the team with the lowest score (adding up the ranks from each category) wins? I didn't see that anywhere in the rules or website. Pls clarify. Thx!!!


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        This is the way class winners (Middle School Stock, High School Stock, and Open Class) are determined in the SeaPerch Challenge (National Challenge, International Challenge, this year simply called the 2019 SeaPerch Challenge).
        Individual events are scored by time (obstacle course) or points and the event winners are determined by either the fastest time or the highest score.

        The following is from the 2018 International SeaPerch Challenge web page:
        Overall and Class Scoring
        Individual Events
        Each event will be scored in accordance with its published rubric. Teams will then be ranked, by their score, both within their class and overall.

        Combined Scores
        Each team's rank in the individual events will be added together and then ranked in order to determine the overall Class winner and overall Stock winner

        Breaking Ties
        Scoring ties will only be broken where it is required to determine trophy places. (i.e., ties will not be broken when ties do not affect the top three results in any event or class overall)
        Obstacle Course ties to the 100th of a second will be broken by the faster time in the secondary run.
        Challenge ties to the 100th of a second to the same point total will be broken by rerunning a portion of the course. The winner will have 1/100th of a second removed from their time, thus breaking the tie.

        Class ties will be broken based upon the best performance in the following priority:
        1) Challenge
        2) Engineering Notebook
        3) Obstacle

        Am I missing something? If we assigned points to the obstacle course and added points together from each event and the team with the highest score won, wouldn't this be the same result?

        Regional Challenges may use a different system.

        I can provide a scoring spreadsheet to you if you are a regional challenge host.