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Obstacle Course Scoring Rubric

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  • Obstacle Course Scoring Rubric

    There is a very complete scoring rubric for the Rescue & Recovery Mission to include points for time taken, but I've not found anything for relating time taken on the obstacle course portion towards points. How is the obstacle course scoring weighted with the R&R Mission? Or are results from these events placed separately altogether?

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    blakejohnk Sorry for the delay. The obstacle course, R&R Mission, and notebook scores are calculated separately and then a ranking is given to each team. For the obstacle course the rank is based on fastest time. The rankings are used to calculate the overall class winner.


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      I am confused. The scores from the different parts (Mission, Notebook) are NOT added together? Rather, you are saying that all teams are ranked (1-50 or however many teams enter) in each of the three categories (Mission, obstacle, notebook). And the team with the lowest score (adding up the ranks from each category) wins? I didn't see that anywhere in the rules or website. Pls clarify. Thx!!!