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    About how does it take for something like a 15 Thruster Package take to arrive, because in the past two years my team's motors didn't arrive until about 2 months after we had ordered them, which was only 2 months from our regional date. Next year, we would like to get more of a head start, so if we ordered them within the next few months, would they arrive before December? I was wondering if they had to arrive at a certain time based on the regional date, or if it has just taken a while for motors to be shipped in the past? If anyone has any insight they could share about this, I would certainly appreciate it.

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    We found it cheaper to buy the motors directly from the manufacturer/supplier Jameco electronics and got the motors in about 2 weeks. We just reuse the shafts and propellers. We don’t use the film canister anymore but they are really cheap on Amazon and arrive quickly.


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      Thank you so much. If possible could you show me the link to the motors? And did you get the propellers from seaperch in the first place?


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        Also, is there a place you can buy new propeller shafts online, and how do you not use the canisters anymore?