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  • Background Check FAQ's

    Q: Who is required to have a background check?

    All registered chaperones must complete a background check and agree to abide by the Youth Protection Policy in order to supervise minor children at the SeaPerch Challenge.

    Any registered chaperone who has not completed the background check and submitted the acknowledgement agreeing to abide by the Youth Protection Policy will not be able to participate as a chaperone at the SeaPerch Challenge. If a team does not have a registered and cleared chaperone, the team will not be allowed to participate in the SeaPerch Challenge or stay in dorm housing.

    Q: How do I get a background check?

    U.S. Chaperones |
    1. Follow this link:
    2. Using the Volunteers Portal, log into your account or create an account.
    3. Select “GET VERIFIED” and enter Good Deed code (You should receive this code when you register your team. The Good Deed Code is located on the Team Checklist and the Team Logistics Page.)
    4. Complete the background check application and submit.
    International Chaperones | Team POC's - please contact Cheri Koch at [email protected] for further instructions.

    Q: What does a background check consist of?

    A: The following searches are included as part of the RoboNation background check
    1. Courthouse criminal records search in the counties where the volunteer has resided in the past seven to ten years.
    2. Government Watch List Search (OFAC)
    3. DOJ Sex Offender Search
    4. Nationwide Search – Social Security Trace
    Background checks are updated monthly for a period of 12 months from the date of initial application.

    Q: How long does a background check usually take?

    The majority of searches will be returned in 24 to 72 hours; however, this time can vary significantly based on how quickly the appropriate agency responds. Occasionally, if criminal information is found or if a volunteer has lived in multiple jurisdictions, the search can take significantly longer.

    Q: How much does a background check cost?

    RoboNation will pay for the background check for registered chaperones and volunteers. At the end of the background check application, applicants can elect to make a donation to offset the cost of the background checks. RoboNation is a nonprofit organization and any donations made to offset the cost of the background checks will go back into supporting the SeaPerch Challenge.

    Q: What information is required for an accurate, thorough background check?

    Three things:

    1) First name and last name, correctly spelled and exactly as it appears on your birth certificate or other legal documentation (i.e. no nicknames or shortened names)
    2) Date of Birth
    3) Social Security Number (SSN)*

    Q: What organization conducts the background checks?

    RoboNation uses Verified Volunteers to screen all of our volunteers and registered chaperones.

    Verified Volunteers offers volunteer screening services to nonprofits and volunteer programs all across the country. They are the only screening provider that allows volunteers to own and share their background check with multiple nonprofits in a safe, tamper-free environment. Verified Volunteers provides a secure online volunteer screening platform that allows the volunteer to enter and control their information when ordering a background check. If desired, once a volunteer is verified, he or she has the option to use their background check to apply for volunteer positions with other volunteer organizations both within and outside of the Verified Volunteers community.
    For more information about the Verified Volunteers organization, please visit

    Q: What are my rights?

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act was enacted in 2003 and amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FACT Act entitles consumers to obtain one free copy of their consumer files from certain consumer reporting agencies during each 12-month period. If Verified Volunteers has prepared a background screening report in your name for one or more of our clients, you have access to that report at any time via Verified Volunteers’ platform. Log in to your account to read your report.
    Want more information on the FCRA? Email [email protected].

    Q: Is my personal information secure?

    Since RoboNation uses Verified Volunteers to screen all of our volunteers and registered chaperones, we are very concerned about the security of your personal information. Verified Volunteers collated the technical aspect of their security process in a security white paper. The white paper attached to this thread explains what infrastructure is used by Verified Volunteers when establishing their website’s security connections.

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