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Two students driving robot at once?

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  • Two students driving robot at once?

    In the rules, it specifies that there may be two drivers on deck and that they may swap at any time, however, may they both control different aspects of the robot at once? Our team was thinking that we would have two linked controllers and one driver would operate the movement while the other would look at a live video feed and control a grabbing system. Would this comply with the driver rules?

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    KickOnBro We have not considered this, but there has never been a rule prohibiting this. I'll put this on the list for discussion for next year's Challenge. I like the idea since it requires effective communication between team members.


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      Yes, we thought it would be a good way to spread the pressure of driving and involve some extra team spirit! Will we be allowed to have two drivers this year since there are no rules against it??
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        KickOnBro By this year you mean for next year (the 2020 SeaPerch Challenge)? Rules change slightly from year to year, but I will make a determination on this very soon.


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          Yes, ok thank you