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Beacon Build Guide

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  • Beacon Build Guide

    The Beacon Build Guide is available below.
    Also available at
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    I am working on the Beacon and came across a minor issue. The wiring diagram figure 1.11 is technically correct but it does not match the wiring harness created in the manual. The 10k resistor is soldered in a different location.
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      joet08012 Yes you are correct. There is a note regarding this on page 10 of the beacon Build Guide.
      Part 1 Wire the Hall Effect Sensor
      3. Solder the wires (6” long) to the Hall Effect Sensor (HES). Recommended color scheme:
      • Pin 1: Red Pin 2: Black Pin 3: Yellow
      Note: The 10k Ohm resistor may be connected directly to pins 1 and 3 of the Hall Effect
      Sensor, however the guide shows connecting the resistor to the wires.

      I have constructed the circuit both ways, it just seemed a little cleaner soldering the wires to the Hall Effect Sensor.

      Good eye for details, and good luck.


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        I must have mist that note. I went mostly off the wiring diagram. I like the resistor connected to the wires. This reduces the Hall Effect Sensor’s exposure to heat when soldering. Nice job with all the manuals. The Beacon works perfectly by the way.


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          joet08012 Thank you for the feedback. I will post an updated circuit illustration soon.