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Fact Sheet Templates (Fillable Formats!)

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  • Fact Sheet Templates (Fillable Formats!)

    Hi SeaPerchers,

    The Fact Sheet templates are now available for download! Two file formats are included, one in PDF and one in PowerPoint. Click below to download!If you have any issues with these templates or need a different file format, please let us know!

    For additional information on the Engineering Process or Technical Design Report requirements, please visit

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    Are they required to use the Fact Sheet template, or are they just responsible for including the required content?


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      jehughes Yes, it is required for teams to use the Fact Sheet template.

      If you cannot access the PDF or PowerPoint files and need a different format, please let us know!


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        We were looking at the template. Where is the box for "The biggest takeaway this season is"? It almost looks like we enter the information n the box on the right of the team picture, which is where we are supposed to put the team members' names and sponsor info.
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          [email protected] The text box should be located to the right of the Team Photo box on both PDF and PowerPoint templates.


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            k, so just checking, there is not a spot for the roster with first names and grades of students on your team (note: please DO NOT include last names) Name(s) and organizational affiliation(s) of mentor(s)?


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              [email protected] Yes, that is correct. Once the templates were finalized for the 2020 Challenge, the roster section was taken out of the Fact Sheet. Thank you for confirming!