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Rubrics & Specifics for Challenge Course

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  • Rubrics & Specifics for Challenge Course

    Having read through the Challenge Course Mission and looked through the build specifications, I have a number of questions.
    • When will the rubrics for the Challenge Course be available?
    • How many pieces of garbage need to be removed from the floating ring?
    • Please provide specifics on the objects to be removed - shape, size, weight
    • When the garbage is taken to the pool deck, what does the team do with it? Do they pick it out of the water or just leave it floating on the surface near the edge or what?
    • What type (shape, size, weight) and how many objects need to be removed from the Sunken Waste Platform? Do the mines get moved or just the garbage?
    • If a team removes the arming device, do they first have to open the disposal vault door before placing it on the disposal platform or can it just be placed on the platform?

    We need specifics as soon as possible in order to begin the design process. Thank you!

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    TeacherMissVickie Thank you for your questions. These are things that we are working to release within the next two weeks, but trying for much sooner.
    Please keep in mind that your regional competition may have different quantities and slightly different debris items.
    We will have a spec sheet for the items we will use in the International SeaPerch Challenge. The mines get moved to the disposal platform.
    The teams will scoop the returned item out of the pool and place it on the deck. Again, regionals may vary this procedure.


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      Hello, I was wondering if we could know what kind of floating and weighted garbage there will be in the challenge course. I know there are the weighted balls, but it would be great for each team to know what kind of debris will be so it will be a fair chance in trying to get the debris.


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        TheCoffeeDog Working on the spec sheet now


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          TeacherMissVickie TheCoffeeDog All information is posted on the 2020 SeaPerch Challenge Course web page in the side bar.


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            No rope/lanyards on floating or sunken bottles or can?


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              Hudsonw There are no ropes or lanyards on the floating or sunken bottles or cans. Please see the Marine Debris Info Sheet available in the side bar at