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    Is open class only for high school students? Can a middle school change the shape of their ROV? Can a middle school use a camera? What is the requirement for the battery?

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    sprovieri Please see the 2020 Competition Classes and Design Rules Matrix at
    Open class is open to all grade levels.
    All classes and divisions are allowed to and encouraged to change the shape of their ROV. Get the students to think about the "best" shape.
    Stock classes can use a camera as long as it is withing the budget limitation. The budget is based on the value of modifications and additions, not the cost. The value of "donated" material must still be calculated.
    Battery limitations for the 2020 International SeaPerch Challenge:
    Teams will use a 12 volt direct current (VDC) power source during competition.
    12 VDC power sources will be supplied for each competition lane that allows a connection using the standard SeaPerch controller alligator clips.
    Teams may provide their own battery, however the battery must not be larger than 6.5” long x 3” wide x 4” high, and must be 12 VDC with a maximum of 9 amp hour rating.
    Teams may not bring anything to the pool deck that requires 110 volt power.
    A separate power source is allowed to power auxiliary equipment such as cameras, however the additional power source.
    No more than two (2) power sources are permitted.