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    I read the previous forum but it did not answer my question. Is the limit for additional batteries for auxiliary equipment for open division only one or are multiple allowed?

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    robertbrown Only one additional battery is allowed for all classes/divisions. If a team is using the power supplied on the pool deck at the International Challenge then they may bring one additional battery to power auxiliary equipment. If the team chooses to use there own battery for the ROV then they may also bring one additional battery for auxiliary equipment.
    Although the rules do not explicitly state this; a controller or other device that has a small integrated battery will be allowed without counting as the additional battery.
    From the rules:
    ii. Teams may provide their own battery for the ROV.
    iii. Teams may provide an additional battery for auxiliary equipment such as cameras, advanced controllers, and electromechanical ROV attachments.
    iv. Team supplied batteries must not be larger than 6.5” long x 3” wide x 4” high and must be 12 VDC with a maximum of 9 amp hour rating.