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    I understand that anything not in the seaperch kit goes toward the budget, but does the pool floatie have to be the exact same brand and make as the one that comes in the kits, or can it just be a general floatie andstill not count toward the budget? Also, at what point do zip ties go in the budget? Do they only count If there are more that what comes in the kit, or if they are just a different size?

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    ROVsub As mentioned in a previous post, - Any materials or parts not provided in the standard kit or that are not direct replacements for materials and parts in the standard kit count toward the budget. Teams do not have to use the kit, but if they use additional items then those items count toward the budget. Referring to my reply to your previous post; the kit comes with 6' of schedule 40 1/2" PVC pipe. If a team does not use the kit and uses 6' or less of schedule 40 1/2" PVC pipe then this does not count toward the budget. If the team uses more than 6' of schedule 40 1/2" PVC then the additional pipe counts toward the budget. Materials do not have to be the exact brand (with the exception of the motors) as long as they are direct replacements.