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    SeaPerch-Trainer Is it acceptable to use a battery with less than 12vdc? Say a 2s lipo which charges to 8.4vdc but has a nominal voltage of 7.4vdc. or would a 3s lipo be acceptable as it's nominal voltage is 11.1vdc, although it's max charge is 12.6vdc? I've attached a link about lipo batteries that does explain nominal voltage. I've also looked and the stock 12v batteries are 12vdc nominal and ~14.1v max. Thanks!

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    Here's the correct link:


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      CJay From the rules; "Team supplied batteries must not be larger than 6.5” long x 3” wide x 4” high and must be 12 VDC with a maximum of 9 amp hour rating." Lower voltage is acceptable, 9 amp hour rating is maximum. Yes, the charge voltage is higher on all batteries, and that is not a problem. We did not state that there is a restriction on the type of battery, but please make sure the students know how to safely handle lithium batteries.