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On Deck ROV changes during Challenge run?

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  • On Deck ROV changes during Challenge run?

    Pretty sure this was allowed in previous years but wanted to confirm if this was still a viable strategy that we might look into.

    1. Challenge run starts
    2. Team accomplishes some tasks like mine removal
    3. Team brings ROV out of water on deck
    4. Team makes modifications to ROV, like reposition arm/net/hook/etc while timer is running
    5. Team puts ROV back in water and continues challenge. Time does not stop at any point

    Team in this scenario represents Driver + Co-Driver. Is this still ok?

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    brian_c Yes, as noted in the 2020 SeaPerch Challenge Pool Event Rules, available at in the Competition Rules sidebar.

    "The ROV may be worked on or adjusted during competition; however, the run timer will continue to time the run."