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Garbage patch water level

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  • Garbage patch water level

    The course build guide allows for variation in the amount of flotation to be used for the garbage patch to "achieve desired flotation" (page 36). On the schematic, the water level is shown directly between the two hoops (page 19). Is the intent to have the water level between the two hoops, or to have both hoops riding on top of the water (as they do if using the full amount of flotation per the build guide)? Again, understanding that regional competitions may vary, looking to see what the intent is for the height of the garbage patch with respect to the water level. Thanks!

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    ThorHimley Since there will be a drinking straw and 6-pack plastic ring in the International Challenge implementation of the marine debris the lower hoop will be floating on the surface of the water so small items do not float out of the rings by minimal wake action. The upper ring will be above the water surface which will keep the larger debris from washing out.


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      In the attached paragraph in the pool event in task 3 "Teams will be given a net in the International SeaPerch Challenge and are not allowed to lean over the side of the pool to retrieve the items. ii. The ROV must be within one (1) foot of the side of the pool before a team member can retrieve an item." the challenge will provide a net to the teams, Does it mean that the teams must use this net in the regional and international? what is the specs of the net and this net will be connected to the ROV or it will be beside pool?


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        Nourhan The ROV must retrieve the floating debris and bring it to the side of the pool. The net is used to recover the objects from the ROV. Teams must design some device or attachment to recover the debris from the Garbage Patch. All rules are specific to the International Challenge. Regional competitions may follow our rules or implement some variation.