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  • SeaPerch-Trainer
    ron.schaffner The Open Class allows frames made from any materials including PVC, 3D printed materials, and CNC machined materials. In the Open Class, frames and other parts of the ROV can be made of a single material or any combination of materials and fabrication processes.

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  • ron.schaffner
    started a topic Open Class SeaPerch Frames

    Open Class SeaPerch Frames

    In the Seaperch Competition Classes and Design Rules document, it outlines the requirements and restrictions for the various classes. Under the Open Class in the materials section, it reads that the “frame [is] built using only PVC,” etc. However, it also reads that the “frame and other parts may include 3D printed or additive,” etc. Given this, can the frame be made of PVC only or can it be made entirely out of 3D printed pieces?