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Scoring New Classes at Regional

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  • Scoring New Classes at Regional

    How do I rank or judge teams to identify qualifiers from my regional for the National? Should I have 5 separate classes at our regional? Or do I keep the three (MS, HS, Open) and find some rubric or way to compare within the classes?

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    The new divisions are intended to provide opportunities to highlight the novel designs on a more level playing field and to ensure that teams have the chance to be recognized for their ingenuity using different materials.

    Competition hosts should continue to offer the divisions that best support their local community. As in years past, winning regional teams will be able to register for the class that best suits their ROV for the annual SeaPerch Challenge, regardless of how they qualified locally, as long as they meet the requirements for that division.

    In case you didn't receive the email, the information is posted here:
    The course details and descriptions of the new competition classes for the 2020 SeaPerch Challenge were released last Thursday. For 2020, the High School Stock and Middle School Stock will be split into two subdivisions: PVC Division and Other Materials Division. Open class will remain the same.