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  • SeaPerch Kits in Regional

    Have the participated teams in regional to use the Seaperch ROV kits or they can develop their own one?

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    Nourhan Teams may use the standard kit ROV or design and create their own unique ROV provided they adhere to the posted design rules.
    Please see 2020 Competition Classes and Design Rules Matrix at
    You should also check with your local competition coordinator for rules that may differ from the rules for the International SeaPerch Challenge.


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      Thanks for clarification!

      In this item in the design rule "budget, the modification is less or more than 25$ according to the class", I wonder if the team creates his own ROV the limitation on the budget in the international what will be ?!
      If I think right, it may be total cost of SeaPerch kit + the cost of modification limit?


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        Nourhan All rules posted on the website are for the International Challenge.
        Te budget applies to anything you use that is not part of the SeaPerch kit. If you make your own frame then you must include the total cost of your frame.