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RoboSub 2018 Task dimensions

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  • RoboSub 2018 Task dimensions

    The beginnings of some actual dimensions for the tasks. More to follow.



    Update: 3/25/2018


    The gate currently has orange tape on the vertical posts. I'm going to keep it that way, unless someone has a strong reason not to.

    Some images for:
    Buy Chips: Tray inline with the push plate and 90° from push plate (thoughts?). Still finalizing the dimensions and inner workings.

    Dice: The size of the field, and the upper/lower height limits

    Rotated path: What to expect.

    Slots: What the front face will look like. Still designing the inner workings.

    Update: 4/1/2018

    Cash In

    Since the golf balls will be the same color as the bin, I decided on only making the side the proper color (Red or Green), and keeping the bottom white, so you can see/find the balls. Thoughts?
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    Images for Cash in your chips (I reached my max of five on the last post)

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      The funnels look great!

      Would it be possible to have the funnels that are lower to be moored down by a rope or PVC from the bottom instead of being suspended from the square? This would make it easier to access these funnel (and shouldn't make a difference because the vehicle isn't surfaced so it doesn't need to stay inside the square).
      Additionally, is it possible to move the green funnel below the surface and add another yellow above the surface? Just so not being able to do the new above water aspect of the task this year doesn't lock team out from completing half of the task.


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        Would it be possible to narrow the Buy Chips bin so we could predict the spot golf balls would stop when it falls? I wonder how to obtain the chips by make AUV descend on it.


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          Thanks (on the funnels). If I were to moor the below-surface funnels, then your vehicle would have to worry about getting entangled in the ropes as it is looking around for those funnels (similar problem I used to have when I moored the octagon. I'd like to keep that area as clean as I can. But I'm open to suggestions.

          I'm going to keep the funnels as-is. Part of the challenge is to be able to solve both tasks. Teams will still be able to get some points for placing a golf ball in any funnel


          Actually, that's exactly what I was planning on doing. The tray will have a slight downward angle and a fold/crease along the middle to help guide the golf ball to a smaller tray to contain the golf ball. When I get the chance, I'll draw up the new tray.


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            Version 2 of the Play Slots task.

            Now with much bigger openings!

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              Is it possible to add vision markings to the tray where the golden chips fall out or the tube where they come out from? We're thinking of catching the balls as they fall out instead of trying to pick them up from the tray.


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                Sure, we can add visual markings. Do you have anything in mind?


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                  Just something that would make either the tray or tube visible. I don't have anything specific in mind.


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                    Well _that's_ not very helpful!

                    Let me work on some of the other issues, and then I'll circle back to the color of the tray/tube. (unless anyone else has any suggestions).


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                      Daveman Would it be possible to make the tray's color white?


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                        Daveman What are the size dimensions of the handle for slots? Thank you


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                          Tray color: Here's a tip, you probably don't want white (it will blend in with a lot of things.

                          Slot handle: It is currently made from 1.5" PVC pipe (so the outer diameter is slightly larger than 1.5").


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                            In the rules proposed at last years robosub it had the start gate shown 2 feet below the surface of the water. The most recent rules do not show that. So will the start gate be below the water or will the top sit above the water like last year?


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                              Well, it does say "just below the surface". We will put the top of the gate 1-2 ft below the surface.