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2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

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  • 2018 RoboSub Rules & Tasks

    Attached is the 2018 RoboSub Mission and Scoring document.
    UPDATED JULY 17, 2018 - V1.5

    Track Changes:
    • Cash In - ball drop limit removed
    • Play Slots - wording adjusted
    • Roulette - wheel rotating image/wording removed

    We hope this version provides clarity to questions and feedback you have posted.

    --See also attached for the previous version of the rules (V1.0)
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    Is the qualifying run to pass the validation gate or to do the Qualifying Maneuver described in the draft document?


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      We went through the document and the points. Got a few comments:

      1. For Cash in your chips, the diagrams show four balls per basket. To encourage participation for other tasks, and so we don't all end up rushing to do this task cuz it has so many points, would it be better if we were to balance it out to be similar in ratio at least to the other tasks? i.e. 2 markers for bins, 2 torpedos for torpedo task and 1 ball in green basket and 1 ball in red basket. It's already a lot of points to complete both. This would spread the distribution better since the aim is autonomy, to complete more of different types of task and not rinse and repeat.

      2. Referring to the time bonus point: Time Bonus: At a minimum, a sub must touch a buoy, pass over the Navigate Channel task, drop at least one marker in the bin (or fire one torpedo though the cutout), and fully surface within the octagon to obtain a time bonus. These tasks can be completed in any order.

      It still states Navigate Channel, is this still valid for this year?
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        RUMarino ...yes...
        • You may per-qualify by completing the qualifying maneuver described in the draft document (and I need to include that into the final rules).
        • If you have not per-qualified, then you will have to pass through the gate on site in order to qualify.


        1. There _is_ something to say about consistency AND autonomy (rinse and repeat).
        That's a reasonable request, but only one golf ball would put a lot of pressure on grabbing that one-and-only. How about 2 golf balls in each tray?

        2. It's valid-ish...
        I sorta fixed it in 10.1, but I didn't catch it in "Time Bonus". Thanks for the catch.

        For the time bonus, you must:
        1. touch a buoy
        2. follow a path
        3. place a marker in the bin (or fire a torpedo through the opening)
        4. surface within the floating area


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          Is there a due date for the qualifying maneuver video?


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            For #1, true point for that. We forgot about how small this year's target is .
            How about sticking to 4 balls per basket but only allowed to score once for each colour for both pick up and drop off?

            True that for consistency in fact it is very important for real world applications. But competition does live by slightly different rules(for e.g. imagenet challenge) Its just a suggestion we have to encourage more participation across all the tasks and balanced scoring. Consistent autonomous navigation in itself is also an important feat.
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              For Play Slots, there seemed to have been discussion previously in the other thread about making a larger target. Will the revised rules have larger slots?



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                Good question. Let's make the final day to submit per-qualify video three weeks before the start of the competition, so the last day to submit a video will be July 9, 2018.

                If you _still_ think things are too small, I'm open to suggestions!

                I like that idea! But how about four golf balls in each tray, but only a maximum of two each will count. Then we can also include rinse-and-repeat.

                Very true, competitions due live by different rules.

                Thanks for the question. Yes, the revised rules will include the larger slots as well as other things we've discussed. I had finished the rules (as-is), and they were in internal review while we continued to discuss the evolution of the tasks here on the forum. I wanted to get the initial version of the rules out as quickly as possible.

                There will be another version of the rules released in the near future.


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                  G'day, we were just curious about a quick clarification: in the rules it indicates that using the blue-coloured golf balls for the marker task is optional. Does this mean that we are free to design and use our own markers like in previous years (subject to size, weight, etc restrictions of course)?



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                    Caltech Robotics Team
                    The blue golf balls are merely a suggestion, if you would like to design your own (subject to size, weight, etc) please do!


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                      I think in the task dimension discussion you mentioned how white is bad. Yes we agree as it blends in with the rocks on the floor(we had a small dilemma where to post this haha). So for the cash in your chips task, we're proposing a thick green/red border around and we have the base yellow instead? It is not mentioned in the document but i believe the balls will be coloured green and red respectively? Also to answer your question above, we would suggest a smaller tray to reduce our search space and increase chances of a successful grab, so something like a 9 inch tray with a 3 inch red/green border instead of the current 12 inch tray?

                      We're good for two balls counting per tray, rinse and repeat
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                        Cash in your chips: green/red border w/ a yellow bottom. This is in reference to the circular bins holding the red and green golf balls, correct? Section 8.8 mentions Green and Red golf balls.

                        The tray for Buy Gold Chips is being redesigned. It will be angled slightly downward with a V trough which dumps the golf ball into a smaller flat section for retrieval.

                        2 or 4 golf balls. I'll make a final decision and update everyone.


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                          yes you are right Dave!


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                            Hey Dave,

                            Does transdec have fresh or salt water?

                            - ARVP


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                              "fresh" Think of it like a giant chlorinated pool.