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Inter-vehicle communication (IVC)

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  • Inter-vehicle communication (IVC)

    I'm confused on what this is... Can someone please explain?

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    It only applies to teams that field two vehicles. Inter-vehicle communication is communication between the two vehicles in the water. So, for instance, one vehicle is at Play Craps, the second vehicle asks the first, "What should I do?", and the first vehicle responds, "I'm at Play Craps, so try Play Slots".

    Hopefully, that makes sense.


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      Oh ok. That makes sense. Could two different team work together to accomplish that? Or is that limited to one team?


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        In theory two different teams could work together. However, since there is only one team on a course at a time, it would be a little difficult to establish communication.


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          How will the judges score the points for communication? Does communication require to be about mission (what about a little casual conversation between AUVs?) And when the teams will get scores for comms (would be hard to detect communications from the surface during the run)?


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            LOL, sure you can have a casual conversation, but you won't get full points.

            If you are thinking about doing this, don't forget that you need to post what form of communication you will be using.

            We won't be monitoring any sort of underwater comms. So, if you will be having a conversation between your two vehicles (about the competition, or about the weather), you will need to prove that the conversation took place. Logs with time/date stamp on both vehicles are a very good start.


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              We would like to communicate using Castor and Pollux with 37.5K when no other teams are in the water. Can we please confirm this is allowed because we will not be interfering with other teams?


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                cuauv Since you will be the only team in the water for your final run, that frequency is fine. Be sure to tell the judges you are using IVC.